WILD NATURE POETRY AWARD competition now open.

"It’s arrived – and is beautiful!" - Abegail Morley


"You both are saints in our complex world ... and so patient and kind .... and gifted in all that you both do and achieve ... I am so honoured." Audrey Ardern-Jones


"It was great working with you and I'm so glad it's worked out to be so popular.  All because you had faith in us!" -  Stevie Krayer and R.V. Bailey, A Speaking Silence Quaker Poetry Anthology.



"May I join your Fan Club please?  I guess Dawn (what a superb poet) is President?  Soxx Chief Barker? Wonderful book -- Thank you, thank you ---- writing when I calm down."  - Anne Lewis-Smith 1925-2011 (Much loved poet and ex Envoi editor)



"IDP is the warmest and friendliest place for any writer’s work. Thank you both  so much for all your hard work, care and patience. You really are a joy to work with. - positive, polite, funny, accessible, responsive, responsible and supportive."  - Chrys Salt



"In 2011, I was incredibly lucky to find the wonderful Ronnie Goodyer at Indigo Dreams Publishing - a new independent publisher. He has been an absolute dreeeeeeam to work with, and has published my latest two poetry collections: 'The Thousand Natural Shocks', and 'The Cloud Appreciation Society's Day Out'. TTNS had only been out for a month when it won two poetry prizes - this was a particularly lovely accolade for a collection that I'd had to work very hard to get out there. - Char March



"What a fine job you've done at Indigo! I'm really proud of this. Your cover designs make me very happy to be associated with Indigo Dreams. It is a sign of respect you both give to your writers and I appreciate it greatly."  - Tom Bryan



"I'm a bit overwhelmed. Your attention to detail, over cover and content and your emails with me is impeccable, professional."  - Geraldine Green



"Can't imagine I'll ever work with a nicer publisher."  - Sophie Reynolds



"A long way from the arts-coverage-by-press-release world of the broadsheets and the BBC, it is left to energetic editors working at independent, provincial presses to keep the doors open for different kinds of voices and experiences." - Morning Star, commenting on Indigo Dreams and Brett Evans 'The Devil's Tattoo.



"It looks fantastic, and the printing is real quality. It has been such a smooth experience - you're a credit to the publishing profession." Brett Evans



"I'm absolutely delighted. It has been a good experience to work with you. Ted Slade Award infinitely well-deserved recognition." - R.V. Bailey



"Dear award winning publishers, I have held it, love it love it love it...thank you!" - Eileen Carney Hulme