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Publication  1st November 2016




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472 pages


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Rachel Gillian North has a keen interest in Equine Podiatry and enjoys helping others to try and achieve healthy hooves, in addition to keeping her own two barefoot horses near Whiddon Down in Devon.


Rachel also helps out with the family business providing branding and website help to local entrepreneurs as well as having a part time job working for a large organisation. In her spare time she loves to write and be with her animals.


Rachel’s love of horses came from her first horse, Ziggy, who she had for 20 years until age finally caught up with the stoic chestnut gelding at 35. Rachel has loved to write even longer than she has loved to ride, she wrote her first “book” when she was 7 and A Horse Called Red follows her debut novel, A Horse Called Ambition. 


With both books, she wanted to tell stories which real horse lovers, with real overdrafts and fears, could relate to.  


It’s not all about riding; it’s mainly about getting covered in mud, gruelling hard work, especially in the winter months, and the juggling act equestrians must perform to balance their horses with the rest of their lives – emotionally and practically!  







Regret is a burden.


    Rosie Hall lay motionless on an unmade bed. Long chocolate brown hair fanned out over the bare mattress. Cold blue eyes fixed unseeing on the white textured ceiling. As usual, she felt numb. Any physical energy her body might have had was sapped by the dark cloud over her head.


    It seemed like an eternity ago, but life had not always been like this. The spare bedroom had once been a place she bustled in and out of, merrily preparing for guests. Now, it was the only room she could rest in.  


    The baby had taken up what had once been the office.  Since her husband, Matt, had been working away from home during the week, her own bedroom made her feel lonely. The sofa in their small but cosy lounge seemed too big when she had it to herself.


    She didn’t beg Matt not to take the promotion he had been offered, which came with the condition that he work out of the company’s Oxford office. It was a three hour drive from their cottage, nestled in one of the many valleys which made up Devon's beautiful Flackdown Hills.


    Despite the logic in the whole family moving closer to his new work, Matt hadn't even suggested that they relocate. He knew how much Rosie adored their home and that she was planning to return to her job in Exeter once her maternity leave had finished.


    He had simply found himself a flat to rent in the city, no drama, to use during the week. He returned as soon as he could on a Friday evening to begin his precious weekend at home.  


    He was a good husband. The job was further away from the long held dream of starting a business of his own, but a step closer to the stability he felt he should offer his family. He had taken the position without hesitation because it meant a bigger salary, which meant a better quality of life for his wife and baby.


    Only it didn’t, because Rosie’s quality of life had diminished more in the past six months than she could ever have made better with money.  











'She shut her eyes and let the primal animal inside her howl for all she was worth.


In the carnival of noise she and her baby created between them, she found a blissful inner silence.


Because her eyes were shut, she could not see her horse running back and forth at the top of the field, too terrified to go to her... '


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