Mick Yates was born in Blackpool and currently lives in Cumbria.


He has worked extensively as a playwright and director and has had more than thirty plays produced at theatres across the country.


Mick has received many awards, including an Edinburgh Festival Fringe First, a Benn Levy Award and was shortlisted for an Independent Theatre Award.


He has also written for television, most notably for the BBC series Doctors.


artefacts, his debut poetry collection, won the Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize and was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2015.













138 x 216mm


36 pages


£6.00 + P&P UK


ISBN 978-1-910834-37-4













kaleidoscope is a constantly changing pattern of poems and themes which explore and reflect life in its many and varied aspects.






Mick Yates



once your tendrils

curled like fingers


round the eager

sap laden stem of youth


once you took

and gave in equal measure


a symbiotic pleasure

between parasite and host


now poison marks your progress

bitterness chokes your lust


broken brickwork soils your dress

as you chase your lover’s ghost


and everything you touch now

turns passionless to dust





an absence of fossils


these rocks

were buckled and blasted into being

long before life existed on this planet


they possess an arthritic quality

a sacred significance


so old are they time itself no longer

remembers when the malvern hills were born


on a hot day in summer

you may observe the young and misguided

in the scar tissue of extinct volcanoes

or the coral reef of some vanished prehistoric sea

wielding hammers on field trips


novice geologists hoping to discover

with their scientific apparatus

something which is not there





old times


the past seems

an alien landscape sometimes

and where i have once been

appears strange and foreign now

the faces that live there swirl around

shouting places and names at me

significant dates and sometimes full c.v.’s

i catch vague echoes

snatches of old conversations

some distant friendly smiles and yet

mostly they stand and stare at me

as if we had never known each other

as if we had never met



the world is not sufficient

to encompass your artistic vision

you need a larger canvas

to illustrate your dreams

you see the world in primary colours

no shabby shades no dull hues

on your particular palette

like a magpie you favour

bright and shiny objects

coloured glass or paper

is the medium you choose

using only angled mirrors

you reflect the light

to conjure endless possibilities

new constellations cluster with every turn

other patterns emerge

unknown parameters

random futures





local heroes


a northern location


tiers of terraced houses

tough as the town

they inhabit


to be born there

was to know the taste

of coal dust


childhood was

a slow combustion

a sacred alchemy


that ignited future

poets and professors

athletes and warriors


hurling them molten

into the world


feeding them fire

from fossil fuel


long gone now though


the slag heaps of the past


landscaped over

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