John Gallas is a New Zealand poet who has 11 books with Carcanet and others with Cold Hub (NZ), Five Leaves, Agraphia Press and now Indigo Dreams.


He lives in Markfield, Leics., but returns home each year to

re-charge his soul.


Fellow of the English Association, librettist, St Magnus Festival poet, and Lincolnshire wanderer.


John recently completed John Clare’s walk from London to Northborough.

He has a well-pedalled bike.











138 x 216mm


26 pages


£6.00 + P&P UK


ISBN 978-1-910834-66-4


PUB: 8th January 2018










Joint Winner

Indigo Dreams Pamphlet Prize




‘The greatest New Zealand poet no one has ever heard of’

Spinoff, NZ


‘One of the UK’s most fascinating poets … hilarious’



‘A true non-belonger

Peter Porter




John Gallas


17 Very Pacific Poems



12. the Natural Kindness of Vanuatu


this enviable quality

was preserved


by some

inconceivable bloody turn of events



and the Trans-Siberian Railway.


Halo, says Prime Minister,

Yu orate?


to which reply is






14. nice Smiling Dogs, near Pang Pang


the original

Smiling Dog

was knitted by a kindly old Palm Tree

long ago

in a time

of universal love

it says here.


Some say

it is a hopelessly corrupted text,

but I,

who once was rabid,

hold it to be true,

for one of the dear little fellers

is wagging up the road

with me


3. mighty Laufoli, his pit near Veli


Mighty Laufoli polished off

his own heroic life

(which was famously

luminous & fair)

by taking a running jump

at a fiery oven.


His mighty arms,

aclonk with shiny shells,

waved at the azure sky.



How many brightnesses is that?


His heart and toenails did not burn:

one is the scream of roosters,

the other the scuttle

of dead fronds.




4. Captain Cook lands briefly on a nice beach at Opaahi


Gentleman James jumped ashore.

He planted the Union Jack.

He brought some beads and a pruning saw

And a bottle of Armagnac.


Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off! they cried

And threw a spear at his head.

The Ship went home on the following tide

And the Savages went to bed.






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