This is Jenna’s second full collection. Her poems have appeared in Reach Poetry, The Dawntreader and Sarasvati, Aspire, Poetry Cornwall, Labour of Love, Purple Patch, First Time, Areopagus Artemis and The Cannons Mouth.  


She has contributed to several anthologies including Heart Shoots in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support  2013 and Inspired by my Museum 2014.


Jenna was Highly Commended in the Hastings International Poetry Competition 2012 and in Aspire Open Competition 2012.  She was been highly commended in the Geoff Stevens memorial prize in 2013 and again in 2014.


Her career in counselling and psychotherapy and her love of the natural world give her poetry its distinctive voice. She was a potter and is an active gardener, opening her two-acre woodland garden as a member of the Quiet Garden Trust.  A small collection of her prayer poems was published in 2004 and is available from the Quiet Garden website. In 2014 she published a collection of contemplative poetry  in aid of a local charity.


She lives in Worcestershire with her husband, and has two children and four grandchildren.      




138 x 216mm


70 pages


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This collection is a celebration of the natural world. It falls into two sections, a series of poems that explore the poet’s reactions to travelling to ‘places where your spirit soars’ and a second section that examines the small and unremarkable things around her and illuminates them.


In the first section she gives the reader binoculars and takes them across the world and in the second half she gives them a magnifying glass to look at the world under their feet.  




“Clear and reflective as a rock pool, these often short and sometimes deceptively simple poems, offer a whole new perspective on travel. From Nepal to Orkney via Paris the ‘eye’ and ‘I’ of a poet who is not afraid to explore the depths within, as well as other more geographically distant places, are unobtrusively present.

Form, well-made and fitting as a good pair of walking boots, never overwhelms content -  and the content of this fine collection is an excellent traveling companion.”

Kate Foley


"Unpretentious and accurate, Jenna Plewes gives you pictures of a range of  subjects – states of mind, landscapes, as well as foreign parts. Like all true poets Plewes is able to realise afresh the magic that lies hidden in the banal, the everyday.

Whether she's dealing with a rope bridge in the Himalayas or what 'our world' looks like after a rainy night, she gives you the immediacy of real experience, deftly and economically.  

Plewes is also a strikingly visual writer, whose poems in their brave minimalism will resonate with you long after you've read them.”  

R V Bailey

2011 004 amend


Postcards from Nepal

Off the Beaten Track



A small hand holds mine

our arms swing, our strides match

flip-flops and walking boots

school bag and rucksack.


Our hands and faces talk,

conversation ripples

like a mountain stream

round boulders of misunderstanding.


In the village, men talk crops and cattle

fingers trading information

oxen, paddy-fields and cows

no words for tractor, milking parlour, pesticides.


Women talk children, hold up fingers, smile,

one lady strokes my palm, touches my hair

with hands like wrinkled bark.

We look into each other’s lives, she’s half my age.


That night the village comes to us,

a rope of music binds us;

we circle, hand in hand

under a blaze of stars


our paths have met

we have the same dust on our skin.




Twelve billion miles away

something of us



speeds through interstellar space




miles an hour

faster than we can think

travels with billions of stars

cloudy as milk

through plasma waves

beyond our bubble sheath

towards a wall of space.

Something of us

looks back

sees the planets differently aligned

tells us our sun is dim

our voice is faint



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