We are delighted to be working with and aiding the League Against Cruel Sports with the publication of this anthology.

'For The Silent' will contain poems which celebrate the natural world, condemn the cruelty of blood sports and speak out for the silent creatures in our countryside. Funds raised from the sale of this book will help the League in its work.

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A5 Anthology      ISBN 978-1-912876-04-4

£10.00 + P&P       PUB: 2nd MAY 2019


Poems from LACS Poet-in-Residence Ronnie Goodyer plus


Simon Armitage                   Margaret Atwood

Liz Berry                               Martyn Crucefix

Sasha Dugdale                     Philip Gross

Seamus Heaney                   Ted Hughes

Mary Oliver                            Pascale Petit

Maggie Smith   and many more



All authors, photographers, artists and others who have their work included and those who have granted permission for work to be included in this anthology have donated their time, energy and talent for the benefit of League Against Cruel Sports.

We at Indigo Dreams Publishing applaud and thank each of them.

Ronnie Goodyer, Indigo Dreams Publishing and Poet-in-Residence, League Against Cruel Sports

Dawn Bauling, Indigo Dreams Publishing

The Huntsman Wants to Kill


The golfer wants a hole in one

The cricketer to score a ton

The sprinter to be number one

The huntsman wants to kill


The footballer to win the league

The cyclist to avoid fatigue

But the huntsman wants none of these

The huntsman wants to kill


Ignore the child-on-pony pose

For cameras at country shows

Beneath the pomp and pompous clothes

The huntsman wants to kill


Called from the Field, the vilest trade

Is carried out by those with spades

Their presence proves this grim charade

The huntsman wants to kill


The hounds are seen to run in packs

On busy roads and railway tracks

There’s no ‘trail’ here – it’s just a fact

The huntsman wants to kill


To flush a fox and watch it run

Is his idea of perfect fun

Content when violent death has come

The huntsman’s had his kill


We’d educate him if we could

No sport should ever call for blood

Enforce the ban, so that, for good –  

The huntsman cannot kill




Inglorious Twelfth


The day has finally arrived.

Factory farms have despatched to estates,

the cramped cages emptied, the fate

of the grouse is being sealed where money swears.


The moor has been burnt,

the snared fox gone, the harrier, the crow

are missing. The records will show

the mountain hare was slaughtered for just cause.


The feathered targets are wary.

Beaters bellow fear into grouse to fly

into butt-concealed guns, the sky

filled with terrified life, then gunshots and death.


The moor is now scarred

with carcass. Life that began cramped and caged

has ended in death for ‘sport’, waged

for the thrill of killing: Glorious killing.

One Morning in September


“When they first told me about this, I didn’t believe them.

I just couldn’t believe anyone could be so cruel.

To set a pack of dogs on fox cubs – how could they?”




The vixen has done well, her four cubs are thriving.

For six months they have bonded, played and grown

almost to maturity, fine red-brown coat and black boots.

Soon they will be leaving to start their own families.


The hunt slows and holds up, circling a copse.

Whips strike saddles, sounds turn the morning cold.

The vixen sniffs the air, knows something is wrong.

She barks. Young hounds run in to learn their purpose.


All has changed. The terrified cubs home now their death-trap.

They bolt in fear but are driven back by shouts and screams,

noise they’ve never experienced and will never hear again.

In pain, they are caught with jaws, mauled and ripped apart.


Trotting back, they all agree it was a perfect, gentle day,

great exercise for the horses, and a valuable social occasion.

Late into the day, a cautious vixen investigates her home.

It is empty. It smells of blood. And it is so very silent...




“Sport? It’s pure evil slaughter for fun, that’s what it is.”

People should know about this – to help the animals.

Someone should speak up For The Silent.”



*  *  *  *  *



These three poems from 'For The Silent' written by

Ronnie Goodyer


League Against Cruel Sports

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