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For The Silent


An anthology with and to aid

League Against Cruel Sports




We are delighted to be working with and aiding the League Against Cruel Sports with the publication of this anthology.

'For The Silent' will contain poems about animal welfare, the natural world and the wildlife that shares this world with us.

Funds raised from the sale of this book will help the League in its work. Read more about the League  by clicking here:  




‘For The Silent’ offers two ways to support the League :

1) Purchase a copy of the book for £10 plus p&p

2) Become a Named Supporter by donating £25. Have a permanent record of your support with your name listed in the book with other named supporters. You will also receive a free copy of the book, postage paid to the UK (extra Europe / Rest of World).  Donations must be received before end March for names to be included.


Books will be dispatched on or shortly prior to the publication date.

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All authors, photographers, artists and others who have their work included and those who have granted permission for work to be included in this anthology have donated their time, energy and talent for the benefit of League Against Cruel Sports.

We at Indigo Dreams Publishing applaud and thank each of them.

Ronnie Goodyer, Indigo Dreams Publishing and Poet-in-Residence, League Against Cruel Sports

Dawn Bauling, Indigo Dreams Publishing

Fawn, drinking - Sharon Larkin


Fresh-faced Narcissus came to the water’s edge

and looking down, immediately fell, infatuated.


Not so this nimble-footed fawn, gentle tongue

touching the water, barely rippling the surface.


I note the reflection, the double loveliness,

know this young deer has come just to drink

not to preen in the sheen of this shallow pool,


I hold my breath as I scan the wider scene,

expect to see his mother, sibling, or a future

mate – but no, this Bambi lookalike’s alone.


Scarcely daring to move, I’m slow to align him

in the cross-hairs, close focus on his left eye,


feel my forefinger first tremble, then squeeze

the cable-release for the prize-winning shot.




Midnight Cull - Kayleigh Campbell


Silence settles on the treetops,

light rain brushes leaves.


Twilight emerges, smiling.

The woodland residents peek out,


enchanted by evening light.

Peaceful sound echoes; birdsong,


fluttering of wing, raindrops.

The sky darkens, wind livens.


A seasoned forest-dweller -

black, white, wiry fur –


scouts snout-first through undergrowth,

foraging a worm for tea.


                                 A step too far -

iron jaws clamp on back legs.


Hopeless struggles and scurrying,

leaves rustling, frantic.


Deep voices, footsteps, torches.

Dogs growling, sniffing, barking.


A rippling gunshot, then                       silence.

Tasting the Wild Grapes – Mary Oliver


The red beast

who lives in the side of these hills

won’t come out for anything you have:

money or music. Still, there are moments

heavy with light and good luck. Walk

quietly under these tangled vines

and pay attention, and one morning

something will explode underfoot

like a branch of fire; one afternoon

something will flow down the hill

in plain view, a muscled sleeve the color

of all October! And forgetting

everything you will leap to name it

as though for the first time, your lit blood

rushing not to a word but a sound

small-boned, thin-faced, in a hurry,

lively as the dark thorns of the wild grapes

on the unsuspecting tongue!

The fox! The fox!




The Hunt - Matt Duggan


Twenty eight pairs of eyes

chase moving amber

over pockets of broken snow;


I always believed that sport was supposed

to be gauged by two equals;

for strength and agility not an army verses one.


The men that ride in red through winter streams

corked by the sun are the emblematic reasons

why I retreat from any form of patriotism.  


They harness the empirical nature of a darkness that lingers

in the cygneous cracks of a country’s neck;  

that once spread into its lungs to voice privilege and class division;


Twenty eight pairs of eyes chase moving amber -

over pockets of broken snow.

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FOR THE SILENT will be launched as a highlight of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival on THURSDAY MAY 2nd 8.30pm - 10.00pm at The Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham.


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