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An anthology after Dylan Thomas


Submissions: One poem inspired by Dylan and one letter to Dylan


Forthcoming from Indigo Dreams May 2020  


Editor: Anna Saunders


Submission window 1st August to 30th September.






'Once it was the colour of saying / Soaked my table the uglier side of a hill


With a capsized field where a school sat still / And a black and white patch of girls grew playing'

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One poem and one letter as a single document accompanied by separate Submission Form. Poem inspired by Dylan, letter to Dylan


Poem: Set in 10.5 point Palatino Linotype. 32 lines max. including stanza breaks but not title (or line below)


Letter: Max. 200 words in one single block of text.


*Please note the anthology will be A5 so care must be given to line lengths*


Submissions will be selected anonymously, so no name should appear on poem or letter.


The submission form must be completed and accompany your submission. Submissions cannot be considered without this.


Send all submissions to


Notes from the Editor:


So what are we looking for in our submissions to Dear Dylan?




In short – we want poems which celebrate, rather than pastiche Dylan’s work, poems with a fresh new take ( you don’t need to mimic his voice), but show an engagement with his ideas, language, themes.


We will consider experimental work, traditional poems, poems written in set form or free verse – anything goes – as long as we feel it is original, potent and lyrical.


We would like to see work written which is influenced by his poems, his life, the places he wrote, poems that riff on his themes or motifs, poems that show a love of, and admiration for, this great poet’s work.


Perhaps 'Under Milk Wood' has triggered you to write about the eccentric people of a much loved place, or maybe you have taken solace from the rousing 'Do Not Go Gentle', or eased heartache and longing after reading Dylan’s gorgeous poem 'I Make this in A Warring Absence' – the possibilities are endless. Let Dylan inspire you and send us the fruits.


We would love to read poems with an energy and charge, poems which sing, and verse made of words that ‘lift of the page’ as Dylan would say.


Letters - (Please note we are receiving letters with names included! As stated above, no name on Poem OR letters please.)


We would like to see letters that are full of artistry and poetry, letters written with a verve and zing that he would welcome.


While the poems are inspired by Dylan, the letters are to him, perhaps as if he were alive today, or you knew him!


Let your work deploy poetry tricks (metaphor, simile, musicality and economy) to tell Dylan exactly how his work, and life has impacted on you, or where you first discovered him, or why you love specific poems.


Feel free to make us laugh too – Dylan’s own letters were full of wit and bonhomie.


We are mad about the boyo and if you are too we want to hear from you!


Anna Saunders






Does the poem have to be about Dylan?    No, they should be inspired by him but not about him.


Can we write a pastiche of a Dylan poem?    No, please avoid this temptation!


Do we need to put the Dylan poem that inspired us at the bottom of our poem?   Yes, just the poem title, not an explanation of why.  If it is his life in general or the places he has been that is your inspiration, then mention that.




"When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes."



"Why do men think you can pick love up and re-light it like a candle? Women know when love is over."



"And now, gentlemen, like your manners, I must leave you."



"And I rose In rainy autumn And walked abroad in a shower of all my days..."

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